Prepping for the Coronavirus Panic

Among the newest viruses currently infecting the world wide web has an effect on the market of its host country. Coronavirus has infected and shut down the government’s main site in Thailand, which makes it impossible for citizens to access financial and other government services. Now there is no way any government can cope with handling its finances. Most of the media coverage surrounding the Coronavirus influence on the Economy includes the impact on consumer confidence and so, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) figures.

Many western countries such as America, Australia, Canada, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Italy, New Zealand, Mexico, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Japan, Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, Chile, and Colombia are suffering with a large drop in consumer confidence. While it might not appear to affect GDP immediately, remember that consumer confidence is used by both international and national governments in calculating their federal economies. Consequently, if one of the best customers in the world is worried about how much money they have, how confident are the other consumers in their nation? It’s frightening. So even if one cannot see the effects immediately, it will very soon because customer confidence is a very important aspect of the US GDP. In fact, in order to properly measure consumer confidence, companies should incorporate two variables: Price inflation and the amount of concern.

Another aspect of this Coronavirus Effect on the Economy is that the expense of medication has increased drastically due to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and with one virus has killed off half of all the viruses that exist within the human population, prices will keep increasing for weeks to come. In this regard, our buddies in Australia may have a shock. At this time, most experts agree that the problem is not restricted to just one nation, but it is spreading throughout the world and is very likely a worldwide pandemic.