Macuahuitl – A Tactical Art Piece

macuahuitl aztec sword

Macuahuitls were used by the ancient Aztecs and surrounding indigenous people in warfare. Essentially a narrow wooden paddle with obsidian blades, they were something in between a sword and a club. Their design was such that, rather than killing opponents, they were designed to maim (since dead opponents weren’t useful as sacrifices).

The Macuahuitl has gained popularity in recent years, being featured on shows like Deadliest Warrior and History’s Deadliest Weapons. It’s even made apearances on Final Fantasy games.

So the question is, what sort of value does a “mac” serve in terms of self defense? Essentially, they serve the same as most other weapons of antiquity; they make great art pieces and can also double as home defense. As always, this is a “sticky” issue since lethal force can have legal consequences even for well-intentioned people looking to simply defend their home, so this is by no means encouragement to use a macuahuitl on anyone. Like any self defense situation, this is a personal choice.