Driving Tips During Times of Civil Unrest

Though we Americans invest a large amount of time in our cars and we’re comfortable being on the street a good deal, being in a vehicle is a dreadful place to be during times of civil unrest. The fantasy of relaxation and safety behind the wheel could be shattered as fast as a brick entrance through the passenger window if the’crazies’ begin to riot.

During a period of societal unheaval, like what’s anticipated shortly as the financial catastrophe unfolds, you’ll be secure one minute and the very next minute turn right down a block in which it’s hit the fan.

The very best way to remain safe in your auto therefore, will be to remain out of your vehicle! If you are aware that the tensions have started to boil over, ideally you’ll have a well stocked pantry and will not hesitate to venture out on the roads for a fast visit to the shop or for another motive.

But there are times when you can not help it. You’re at work or somewhere away in the comfort and security of your house when items erupt and you end up behind the wheel, and supporting the eight-ball.

Should you pull directly up into the end of the vehicle in front of you, then you can not readily get out if unexpectedly a few thugs approach your vehicle.

But in the event that you always leave space in front of you, then all you need to do is hit the gas and knock the wheel and you’ve escaped a possibly life-threatening circumstance.

We’re programmed when a tire goes flat we will need to stop and escape and alter it.

Now in the event that you continue driving on a flat tire, you will surely destroy the tire and may damage the wheel too. But if you’re in a dicey situation, it is much better to get out from there and lose the bike rather than getting assaulted or even losing your own life.