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Camo face masks for COVID-19

Recent events have changed life for us all. Forgetting for a moment, my disapproval with the way in which our government has handled this problem, I’m not going to waste energy complaining. I believe in doing what I can as a patriot.

As a result, I began browing around for camouflage face masks. Alas, I am at this moment abroad, and I can’t order from my usual online websites, because they aren’t shipping them overseas. So in response, I and cam across a site where, In addition to being able to buy camouflage face masks, you can also upload your own mask petter.

They also donate a face mask to an essenetial employee for every mask sold. On top of this, these covers are made in the USA!

Prepping for the Coronavirus Panic

Among the newest viruses currently infecting the world wide web has an effect on the market of its host country. Coronavirus has infected and shut down the government’s main site in Thailand, which makes it impossible for citizens to access financial and other government services. Now there is no way any government can cope with handling its finances. Most of the media coverage surrounding the Coronavirus influence on the Economy includes the impact on consumer confidence and so, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) figures.

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