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Susan Murray

Cybersecurity in the Age of Cybercriminals

Some criminals attempt to”justify” their thieving propensities by suggesting they don’t take large valued merchandise, or they do it to”test” the other’s cyber system. The inference of course is that they are somehow benign. Criminals typically attempt to ruse their law enforcement detractors, or any other individual who questions what they’re doing. They rationalize their thefts are non-violent and restricted to smaller amounts of dollar losses, for that the things can easily be replaced. Their matter-of-fact justifications do not justify the unlawful taking of someone else’s personal or business property. They’re still offenders none the less and a breach of safety implies a contravention of regulations.

For the net hoodlum working in cyber space, their believing plays an intriguing con game, which they later rationalize and excuse because some”noble cause”. Bottom-line though, they’re criminals like their non-virtual counterparts. When caught, they formulate all kinds of excuses and complain about their”victimization”. One wonders, when they sit there all day in front of their computers, what part of the anatomy are they playing most of the time? Some of these thieves attempt to plot us with inventive criminality, such as”ransomware”, email approaches, credit card scams and other intrusive losses. The list of forms of strikes is endless, as is the maliciousness supporting the various illicit efforts for unmerited personal gain. Criminals no matter where they operate do this in a self-indulgent fire to misuse and abuse other people for personal purposes.

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Camo face masks for COVID-19

Recent events have changed life for us all. Forgetting for a moment, my disapproval with the way in which our government has handled this problem, I’m not going to waste energy complaining. I believe in doing what I can as a patriot.

As a result, I began browing around for camouflage face masks. Alas, I am at this moment abroad, and I can’t order from my usual online websites, because they aren’t shipping them overseas. So in response, I and cam across a site where, In addition to being able to buy camouflage face masks, you can also upload your own mask petter.

They also donate a face mask to an essenetial employee for every mask sold. On top of this, these covers are made in the USA!

Home Security Alarm Systems

In regards to owning a home alarm system, many people assume that they can do without it. However, this isn’t the case. For one thing, no matter how great of a homeowner you’re, your house is probably to be the target of burglars. You do not need your neighbors and your children to become victims of this crime. Consequently, if you remove the fear factor when it comes to your loved ones, it might be more difficult for the neighbors to discourage criminals from breaking into your home. If you are renting or buying your home, you may not be able to afford to hire a security guard to keep an eye on your property.

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Prepping for the Coronavirus Panic

Among the newest viruses currently infecting the world wide web has an effect on the market of its host country. Coronavirus has infected and shut down the government’s main site in Thailand, which makes it impossible for citizens to access financial and other government services. Now there is no way any government can cope with handling its finances. Most of the media coverage surrounding the Coronavirus influence on the Economy includes the impact on consumer confidence and so, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) figures.

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Macuahuitl – A Tactical Art Piece

macuahuitl aztec sword

Macuahuitls were used by the ancient Aztecs and surrounding indigenous people in warfare. Essentially a narrow wooden paddle with obsidian blades, they were something in between a sword and a club. Their design was such that, rather than killing opponents, they were designed to maim (since dead opponents weren’t useful as sacrifices).

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Tactical Camo Seat Covers

You require a seat cover which will come off and on in the event that you use your truck during the week for the work. Take a look at the tips below to determine what type of seat cover you want and how it will make your outdoor adventures easier.

Your truck needs to be discreet

When you escape your automobile, you want to make sure the inside isn’t a bright kaleidoscope of color that scares off critters or alerts them to your presence. Additionally, you do not want any vivid colors in the vehicle to serve as a warning for critters in the region.

Camo gets you in the mood for hunting or tactical training. It’s hard to get ready to camp or train when you are sitting on a red leather chair that came especially along with your truck. Plus, you may not want to get that seat dirty once you go out into the wilderness. Now that your automobile is unobtrusive, you might need to worry about getting the truck dirty.

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AR-15 Upgrades

If you’re the proud new owner of a semi automatic AR-15 rifle, acquiring the gun to grow your collection is excellent in and of itself: but pimping it out with all types of convenient accessories makes it much better! Here’s a small taste of the sorts of accessories which are available from the guns market.

Under certain conditions, you have to have the ability to change your sling from 1 shoulder to another easily and without coping with binding. An ambidextrous apparatus permits you to do precisely that.

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Driving Tips During Times of Civil Unrest

Though we Americans invest a large amount of time in our cars and we’re comfortable being on the street a good deal, being in a vehicle is a dreadful place to be during times of civil unrest. The fantasy of relaxation and safety behind the wheel could be shattered as fast as a brick entrance through the passenger window if the’crazies’ begin to riot.

During a period of societal unheaval, like what’s anticipated shortly as the financial catastrophe unfolds, you’ll be secure one minute and the very next minute turn right down a block in which it’s hit the fan.

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